Process Plant Surveys

Acquiring accurate as-built data in a live operating environment on a site is always a challenge and laser scanning is extremely well suited to capturing this as-built data, especially as for existing sites it is often the case that client’s documentation is not up to date or does not even exist.

There are clear reasons why this technology should be considered in both tender and detailed design stages and there are also many benefits :

  • Several clients have advised that Laser Scanning has proven beneficial for reducing project risk particularly on ‘brown field’ sites
  • Ideal where site access is restricted
  • Can work in live operating areas
  • Assists in maintaining project schedules where these have sensitivities in maintaining existing works whilst new works are undertaken
  • One scan can capture large volumes of data
  • Time on site reduced
  • Accuracies of ±5mm can readily be achieved
  • The data is output in most of the major CAD packages
  • In research from the USA, scanning has reduced installed costs by 5-7% and has reduced contingencies for rework to less than 2%.

As well as saving time on site and minimising risk of injury taking manual measurements, there is usually no need for re-visits to site to capture “missed areas” as laser scanning at 1 million points per second usually picks up 95% of the features

With minimal software and hardware investment several of our clients have demonstrated the obvious benefits in time and cost over manual measurement techniques and the obvious benefits in accuracy.

Another major benefit is in the accuracy of exported dimensional information produced within drawings and the integration of work required by all disciples to interpret and use this information in retrofit, refurbishments or new build projects.


From the millions of points of data collected by Laser Scanning we provide a 3D Model (now often referred to as a BIM model) in several formats including :

  • AutoCAD
  • PDMS
  • Revit
  • Neutral Formats

The 3D model indicates the ‘as-built’ condition of the plant and incorporates the :

  • Buildings,
  • Groundworks,
  • Equipment,
  • Piping and Valves
  • Landscape etc.

All points (or x,y,z coordinates) are configured to OS or the local site grid for inclusion in any 3D Modelling software.

The following pictures are extracts from the compiled 3D model extracted in its entirety by laser scanning of a power station.

Asset Management

The continual drive for both construction and operational efficiency coupled with the increasing quantity and quality of data capture technology are rapidly broadening the use of laser scan data across the asset lifecycle. Using specialist software we can deliver the as-operated asset conditions to the desktops and mobile devices of all asset stakeholders allowing for secure global collaboration across multiple project teams and partner companies

Using the software we can create BubbleView images of the as-built or as-operated plant.

This facility provides secure, on-demand access, both local and remote, to laser scan data for asset management and project execution. It is much more than just an online viewing facility as it provides tools that allow users to work collaboratively with laser scan data over the Internet.

Key Features include :

  • Extensive mark-up and measurement functionality which facilitates the easy addition of intelligence to any asset.
  • Tablet and Cloud enabled for truly global access and collaboration.
  • The full project can be reviewed in the intuitive BubbleView.
  • The Online/Offline feature facilitates remote access for on-site operation.

This is hosted on either your own server or our server and web access can be granted to authorised personnel. By downloading the relevant plant area onto a tablet or phone the user is able to take the information into the plant and is able to view all the relevant information relating to, for example, a pump or vessel. Inspection or maintenance notes can be made on the tablet and uploaded to the server back in the office.

Fast-Tagging & Intuitive Mark-Up

Adding intelligence to an asset is easy with simple ‘locate and tag’ functionality. Simply navigate to the area or item you are interested in, select it and start adding intelligence including instantly adding URL’s (links to data, websites or documents)


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We have been providing 3D Laser Scanning services across a range of industry sectors since 2002, we were one of the first companies in the UK to purchase a 3D laser scanner.