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In the past, screensavers were programs meant to save monitors from screen burn. However, these days they are not used as often. Nevertheless, there are even cooler wallpapers you can download to make your screen look interesting when you’re not active. Some of the 3D screensavers have been made by 3d laser scanning services

With that said, you might still be in the search for something creative and cool to pop-up during this downtime. 3D screensavers make the best option for those looking for something engaging and entertaining.

What’s more, there are many places you can download them. Let’s have a look at how to go about downloading and installing a 3D screensaver.

What Are The Different Types Of 3D Screensavers You Can Get?

There are millions of differently themed 3D wallpapers one can download. Here are some of the classic examples and crowd favourites.


There’s something so tranquil and eye-catching about aquariums. You can always settle on a 3D aquarium wallpaper if you find taking care of fish too challenging.


Live wallpapers feature a looped video, which keeps your screen engaging and entertaining even when you’re not active.


There’s a 3D wallpaper for every holiday or season. So, you can install one to make your Christmas feel more festive or your new year more prosperous.

Harry Potter Themed

Your favourite tv characters have their own 3D Screensavers.


Parallax 3D wallpapers add a sense of depth to a shifting perspective. You can get lost inside such a captivating scene.


Abstract 3D wallpapers feature experimental or non-objective images. It’s usually hard to attach any associations to such visuals. This makes them ideal for occupying your ideal time.

HD lock screen

3D lock screen screensavers not only prevent your screen from switching off. They also prevent anyone that doesn’t have your password form accessing your device when the screensaver is active.

Are 3D Screensavers Safe to Download and Install?

Sometimes free downloads are not as safe as we’d imagine them. This is especially true when you source 3D wallpapers for sites with low-security features. Files from such sources may include adware, Trojan viruses and other nasty viruses that you could unintentionally download.

However, you can take some precautions to secure your device as you download and install 3D screensavers. Such precautions include:

  • Download 3D screensavers from trusted sources

Always read the reviews from other users before downloading a 3D screensaver from a website. Trusted sites continually scan all their content for malware that may be embedded into files.  This is may sound like a waste of time but it will save you from installing malware into your devices.

  • Anti-malware

Luckily, most devices have inbuilt anti-virus software. So, it’s wise to run the downloaded 3D screensaver through such a program before installing. Such a measure will save you from unwittingly installing features and programs that you don’t need.

  • Check the device compatibility

3D screensavers are not compatible with every computer or mobile device. This means that there’s a chance they might not work or cause some instability. This may slow down your device or cause your device to crash in extreme situations.

So, always ensure that the product is compatible with your device before even downloading. It’s best to restart your devices and uninstall any 3D screensaver causes such a response. Then you can look of a compatible alternative.

How to Download and Install 3D Screensavers

Downloading 3D screensavers from App Store is straightforward. All you need to do is settle on the most suitable option. The device will do the rest for you.

However, there are a few steps to downloading and installing 3D screensavers on a mac, Linux or Windows computer. Here’s the basic idea behind this process:

  1. Locate the “download button” on the website and click to get the download started.
  2. This will prompt the following option
  • Save to disk
  • Open (from current location)
  1. select save to disk and provide the storage location.

Once the file is downloaded, you can click on it and install it.


Where You Can Download Free 3D Screensaver?

Here at Scantech, we mainly specialise in Topographical surveys or drone Surveys so we don’t produce 3D screensavers, however, Here are some of the best places you can download 3D screensavers:

Official App stores

The best and most trustworthy source for 3D wallpapers is the official app store for your corresponding device or operating system. Here are some notable examples.

  1. Microsoft store: is the best place to start looking, if your computer or mobile device works on a Windows operating system.
  2. App Store: It’s a no-brainer for people that own Apple mobile phones and devices. It’s a secure website since most apple devices are incompatible with 3D wallpapers downloaded from other sources.
  3. Play store: is ideal for all your android device needs. Their platform is open source, which means you there are thousands of options.

Such App stores frequently check the 3D wallpaper for consistency and malware. But, it’s still a good idea to vet a product’s compatibility and also what other users have to say to avoid any disappointments.


Screensaver-store features a wide array of differently themed 3D screensavers. It’s really hard to find something that won’t make a good impression on you. Another good aspect of this site is that most of its product features a wide degree of device compatibility.  


Unspash boast of a collection of +500 different types of 3D wallpapers. And, since most of these products are user-submitted, you can have them for free. All one needs to do is sign-up and they can start downloading to their heart’s content.


3Planesoft is an independent company specialises in creating and distributing 3D. They have a collection of over 50 titles and all their products are compatible with every device and operating system.


To sum it all up

3D screensavers are the perfect way to keep your screen active during your downtime. And, as you can see, they are not that hard to find or install into your computer or mobile device. However, you should always ensure they are compatible with your device. You should also source them from a trustworthy site to avoid any damage to your device and disappointments.

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