Cheshire Ice Cream Farm
By keith Mccrory 07 - 05 - 2021

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm
Scantech International undertook a 3D Laser Survey to create a 3D point cloud and a topographical survey at the Cheshire Icecream Farm for ARKHI.

Introduction About the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

The Cheshire Ice Cream farm opened in 1980 and has been creating award-winning Ice cream for over 30 years. They produce Ice Cream for over 1000 pubs, restaurants, and retail units throughout the United Kingdom.

They also are a massive tourist attraction with a huge play area for kids to enjoy themselves and have recently had a £4.5 million redevelopment.

Outline of the Survey

The Project Manager has plans for new designs around the farm which required a Topographical survey to capture all, fence lines, elevations, roads, paths, and levels over a large area.
Using our latest Laser Scanner (Leica RTC 360) we managed to capture all the data required within 3 hours. This is due to the laser scanner taking 2 million measurements per second and only taking approx. 30 seconds per scan.

With the point cloud data, we were able to create a Topographical drawing for the architects. They could use these drawings to design the installation of a new pond & fountain in the area.
We also captured the whole site using our drone which produced an interactive 3D point cloud of the site, which can then be placed on their website; we also did this free of charge.

Why Scantech International?
• Lowest Price
• 18 Years of experience in creating Topographical Surveys & 3D point clouds.
• Time on site: 3 hours compared to around hours if we used traditional methods.
• One of the most accurate & time-efficient Laser scanners in the Industry.
• Always produce more data than asked using our 3D Laser Scanner (Minimises the need for site return.)

Challenges and Methodology

The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm remained open to the public with access to all activities available within the Ice Cream Farm during the job. Thankfully, we could overcome these issues due to the efficiency of the Leica RTC 360 only being 30 seconds per scan. We were able to do our job; as well as let the public roam the site freely.

We set out a total of 6 control points around the site and coordinated these as well as orientated them to OS using GPS.

Using the Ipad on-site, we registered the survey as we went along scan per scan with Register360.
This eliminates the possibility of any error as we can check for any faults as well as make sure we’re capturing everything required while working. It also helps us get the data back to our Client as quickly as possible.


Once all the scanning was completed and the individual scans were registered together to produce an overall point cloud of the structure referenced to OS coordinates. From the Point Cloud, the Client receives Topographical Drawings

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