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Railway Gauging


A method of applying Laser Scanning Technology was developed by Scantech International in 2003 and was the the subject of extensive trials in 2004 with a major rail consultant and witnessed by Network Rail. The trial proved conclusively that this methodology was comparable (if not better) than traditional methods including the laser rail gauging tool. To date we believe we are the only company to have undertaken such successful trials.

A detailed report on this application is available by contacting Keith McCrory.

Since 2003 we have scanned and gauged several hundred bridges and tunnels on the rail network for major consultants and contractors including COWI, Atkins, Amey, Amco, Dyer and Butler, J Murphy, Mott Macdonald etc.


On typical overbridge applications the advantages are :

  • The scanning can usually be carried out from the cess without possessions
  • Reduction in the requirement to take possessions
  • We collect millions of point or x,y,z coordinates for each bridge and can therefore revisit the point cloud (not the site) to extract further information at the clients request
  • Helps identify potential problems for example localised bulging of walls

Similar advantages are also seen for gauging in rail tunnels however a possession is required in this instance. In addition to the above :

  • Tunnels can be gauged far faster than when using the laser rail tool
  • Sections can be cut at any interval
  • Problem areas can be identified in the pointcloud in  the office and sections taken at this point - not possible if only taking readings every 5 or 10m.

CleaRoute Analysis

Scantech International have personnel trained to use CleaRoute so can provide the complete gauging service often at a more competitive rate than other service providers.

Tunnel Gauging