Wildboarclough’s 18th Century Post Office
By keith Mccrory 25 - 05 - 2021

Wildboarclough Post Office 3D model


Post Office Building by Scantech International 


We recently undertook a survey for a Post Office in Wildboarclough which consisted of a Measured building, elevation, Drone & 3D point cloud survey (mainly for visual purposes) as well as a topographical survey.

The building was built In the 1800s by a man named George Palfreyman and was then later used as a Post Office. The building is 3 stories mainly made of sandstone and is a beautiful piece of land that hasn’t been renovated from the inside nor out for at least 50 years.

Outline of the Survey

The house was recently bought for approx. £995,000 and required a survey to proceed with work plans while maintaining building permits and other legal purposes required by law. Scantech scanned inside of the 3-story building capturing all rooms including the loft, as well as capturing all levels around the building from the second floor to the ground floor. We completed the inside within one day.

The next day we were able to scan the outside of the building including some scans in colour close to the building. However, this was mainly for visual purposes. We then scanned down the road and into a forest where there was a door on the second floor.

Why Scantech International?

We managed to capture all this data within 1 day and only required no more than 7 hours on-site to do so. We didn’t cause any disruption to the local neighbours and maintain high professionalism while undertaking any of our surveys.


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