Berry Brow Station – Monitoring Job
By keith Mccrory 24 - 06 - 2021

Berry Brow Station


We recently undertook a survey which required us to monitor the condition of the railway which had 2 natural walls on each side, which could in the future become a potential risk hazard. Using our Leica RTC 360 and GS07 we were able to capture all the data we needed in a short period of time.

Outline of Survey

Amco Griffen outreached for us to complete a survey at Berry Bow station. The wall is approximately 200 meters long and required monitoring which we will return in 6 months to survey again. We scanned the wall with our Leica RTC 360 scanner which completed one scan every 30 seconds. We also placed 3 permanent ground markers and used our GS07 to get the coordinates of our location which we were able to retrieve to an accuracy of fewer than 10 millimeters.

The wall had a large area of vegetation covering the wall which was an issue for data we were capturing of the wall. With there being a de-vegetation team working the same night we were. We came back the following night and scanned the area again. However, this time we scanned off one of our tripods further back to capture as much as possible higher up.

Overall, we were able to capture all data required for monitoring within 2 nights (5 hours on-site) to complete the overall job in 6 months when we come back to survey Berry Brow Station again.

Why Scantech International?

With the efficiency of our laser scanner, we can capture large areas within a short period of time. We weren’t required to come back the following night however to improve the data we were capturing, we decided to do so.


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