Asset Management and 3D Laser Scanning

Major developments in 3D laser Scanning technology and associated applications have meant that point cloud data is no longer restricted to use as a basis of design or as an as-built record. It is now possible to utilise the resulting data for asset management and project collaboration utilising innovative on-line tools.

Utilising Laser Scanning alongside these tools for :

  • The Built Environment including BIM
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Stations
  • Process plant

can provide the basis of asset management of that asset.

Using specialist applications we can provide full on-line access to the point cloud data for all project stakeholders and participants. These applications allow authorised to :

  • view (by way of unique ‘Bubbleviews’)
  • measure,
  • mark-up
  • add information
  • add documents such as datasheets, inspection reports in many different formats

to the project database.

These can then be seen and reviewed again by all authorised project participants.

Asset Management Integration

We can also integrate this application with existing document management system so that the point cloud data becomes an integral part of the Asset Management System.

Hosting Asset Management and Project Data

Scantech International can provide secure hosting facilities for the data but it can also be hosted by clients on their own servers or via remote hosting partners.

 Working Offline

A significant feature is the ability to take the data “off-line” by downloading all or part of the Asset Management Data including for example :

  • The bubbleviews
  • Notes
  • Data Sheets
  • Inspection Reports etc

These can be downloaded onto any laptop, tablet or smartphone and taken on-site for review and mark-up etc. Any changes can then be synchronised back to the main Asset Management Database.


The advantages of this innovative Service include :

  • Available to access by any authorised person
  • Bubbleviews provide a unique way to view, interrogate and move around the asset
  • Data can be taken off-line and be utilised on site or in the facility with no internet connection required
  • Numerous databases can be linked to the Bubbleviews
  • Scan data can be in colour or black and white depending on the client’s requirements.
  • The database can be integrated with existing document management systems
  • Data is stored on secure servers, hosted by Scantech International, our Clients or remote hosting service providers
  • Potentially free to use by Clients

We have several examples of this facility and if you would like more information or a demonstration  of this innovative system please contact Keith McCrory.