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Milton road highway survey

Highway Surveys

Laser scanning has many advantages for highway surveys and Scantech has undertaken many such surveys. For long stretches of highway, mobile scanning has become a valuable tool to allow the acquisition of data from a vehicle travelling at up to 50mph.

For certain areas of a more complex nature such as interchanges and roundabouts where 5mm accuracy is required, we generally utilise static scanning from a position of safety on the pavement or verge. This eliminates the need for road closures and the associated cost and eliminates the risks in working on the road even with sections coned off.

Airport Surveys

Through our expertise in producing Revit models from pointcloud data we have provided a 3D model of the Baggage Handling Area including the conveyor voids at both Gatwick and Heathrow Airports.  These are complex areas with :

  • Varying floor levels
  • Extremely difficult access
  • Numerous individual mechanical and electrical items very few of which are standard or identica

We also had to install new coordinate systems tied to the Airport grids as well as linking the passenger side check in areas and the airside conveyor systems.

Revit is a superb design tool for "new build" applications but requires new skills for modelling existing features which and not

  • flat
  • straight 
  • in an existing library

Due to the complexity of the conveyors and associated equipment this presented a new challenge and consequently we have significantly enhanced our ability to model complex shapes and areas in Revit from pointcloud data.

 The advantages of using laser scanning in these confined areas was :

  • that the data could quickly and accurately be captured compared to a more traditional survey
  • Faster capture of data compared to manual measurement by teams of engineers
  • Complex features could be accurately captured and subsequently modelled
  • The scanner could be placed in "awkward" locations to provide the data/measurements that would not have been possible to obtain manually 


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