Example of the 3D Laser Scanning Process

3D laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning - What is it ?

 3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape and dimensions of physical structures and objects using a line of sight laser light. 3D laser scanning uses a very rapid laser beam of up to 1 million points per second to scan the environment and capture a vast quantity of data from the surface of structures and objects in the form of a pointcloud, where each point has it’s own xyz coordinate. 

In other words 3D laser scanning is a way to capture a structure or objects exact size and shape and represent this in the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional model.

3D laser scanners measure fine details and capture free-form shapes to quickly generate highly accurate point clouds. 3D laser scanning is ideally suited to the measurement and inspection of contoured surfaces and complex geometries which require massive amounts of data for their accurate description and where doing this is impractical with the use of traditional measurement methods. 

High Definition 3D Laser Scanning Applications

  • Historical Preservation
  • Detailed Measurements
  • Surveying hard-to-reach areas
  • Construction Progress
  • Digital 3D Photos
  • Video of Surveys
  • MP3 and JPG Files
  • Changes view to real-time 3D
  • Record exact data

Uses of the 3D Laser Scanning Technology:

  • Volumetric Measurments
  • As-built Models and Drawings
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing As-built Models and Drawings
  • Change detection
  • Clash Detection
  • Structural as-built Models and Drawings
  • Catastrophic event mapping
  • Hazard surveying
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Registered photo video coordinates

Laser Scanners We Use :

  • Leica HDS P20 for outdoor and intermediate distance scanning
  • Faro X330 for indoor measured building type surveys
  • Riegl 390i for long distance scanning up to 300m
  • Faro Freestyle for areas that are difficult to access

 Software Tools :

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS Max
  • Navisworks
  • ReCap
  • Pointools
  • Microstation
  • Leica Cyclone
  • LFM
  • Solidworks
  • CleaRoute
  • Rhino



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